Pregnancy Skincare Tips That Work!

Pregnant woman (23K)Pregnancy skincare does not have to be confusing and it does not have to be expensive. Those are two facts that you often do not read about. Here is a list of some effective and affordable pregnancy skin care tips that can help you maintain your beautiful look.

Read those labels. Of all the tips we share with you here, this is the most important one. As soon as you find out that you are with child, you should immediately begin to read the labels of all the products that you use. This includes medications that you may be taking, cosmetics and lotions that you have been using, and anything else that you take or use both internally and externally. The reason this is such an important tip is because many products are not suitable for women with child. Some products can actually be dangerous if used by pregnant women. So, your first tip is to read all labels and discontinue using products that are not safe or suitable for you.

The second most useful pregnancy skincare tip that applies to most women is to stop using harsh soaps.

You might be surprised at how many chemicals there are in the average bar of soap. These types of soaps can remove those needed natural oils, leaving your skin dry and flakey. A good skincare regime begins by using a natural-based or botanical-based body wash that also moisturizes your skin.

Your third pregnancy skincare tip goes along with soap in a way, and it is that you should not stay in the bathtub for too long.

It may sound counterintuitive but staying in the tub for long periods of time can actually dehydrate the skin. If you have ever noticed that you skin looks "dull" after a long soak, that is why. A good idea is to add a gentle, natural moisturizing bath soak to the water which can aid a great deal in keeping your skin hydrated.

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Of particular importance to women who are with child is protection from the sun.

Many women will discover that their natural pigmentation will change as they go through their terms and this can lead to increased burning when they are exposed to sunlight. When you have to be in the sun make sure that you use a good sunscreen product and pay particular attention to your face, neck, and hand areas. This pregnancy skincare tip also applies to melasma, which we discuss below.

You may not know it, but your body will begin to replace skin cells more often when you are with child.

beauty24 (15K)For this reason, it is important that you begin and maintain a routine of moisturizing your skin throughout your term. Not only will this help to keep your skin nourished, but it will also help to keep it looking fresh and healthy.

There is a unique condition associated with being pregnant that some women may encounter. It is called melasma or is also known as "the mask". This condition occurs when the flesh becomes more prone to pigmentation and it is often seen as brown spots on the cheeks or around the eyes. Women who have fair complexions may encounter this problem more often than those with darker complexions.

An excellent pregnancy skincare option for this problem goes back to the use of a quality sunscreen with a high SPF value for those times when you are outdoors. Sunlight will accelerate this condition if you are not protected by sunscreen.

Never use any of the so-called "bleaching" products while you are with child or while you are nursing.

This can harm your baby. The best pregnancy skincare tip for melasma is to prevent it from occurring in the first place by using sunscreen.

One last pregnancy skincare tip has to do with what is called Linea Nigra. This is that brown-colored line that seems to appear out of nowhere that runs from your belly button down to the pubic area. This line has always been there but you were not able to see it until your hormones began to change its pigmentation. Do not worry. It will fade after you have delivered your baby. This may take a few months, but it will disappear.

The above pregnancy skincare tips can go a long way in helping you to keep your skin and your tummy in the best shape possible as you move through this wonderful time of life. Try them and share them with your friends.

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