Cellulite Treatments: The Science Behind Cellulite

beauty18 (93K)A variety of different cellulite treatments exist on the market today since there is a big demand for these types of products and procedures. There are dozens and dozens of various procedures and methods currently available for those who suffer from this ailment, but do any of them work? One of the best ways to understand whether or not various cellulite treatments will work for you is to better understand exactly what this condition is. Once you have a deeper understanding of the basics of the condition you will be able to better judge any product that you see on the market as to its reliability and usefulness.

At its very basic level, cellulite is just a word that is often used to describe the bumpy, rough-looking fat on the body.

It is important to understand that this condition is not a disease or an illness. It is simply fat cells that have expanded to the point that they can be seen on the outer surface of the skin.

When certain fat cells expand too much they can react with the fibrous collagen material that surrounds them and cause these collagens fibers to bend.

This bending results in the well-known puckering appearance of the skin layer that is just above this level of fatty cells. You should keep in mind that there are three layers of fatty tissue in the body. Cellulite treatments are concerned with the layer that is nearest to the skin.

beauty17 (311K)There may be times when the fat cells press or squeeze the collagen fibers, and when this happens the body's lymphatic system cannot properly drain away fluids that have built up in that area.

It can also result in fats and toxins being held in that area. Consumers should understand that the fatty cells in this layer do not usually respond to exercise or diet programs. There is also some evidence that hormones may play a big part in the increased accumulation of fatty cells in this particular layer.

Beneath this first layer of fatty cells are two more layers, but these layers are not structured and the cells are not separated by collagen fibers. The fatty tissue in these two layers are affected by diet and exercise and will often respond best to those two regimes.

What this tells us is that cellulite treatments that are completely based on diet regimes may not work well.

It also tells us that those cellulite treatments that are based exclusively on exercise programs may not work as effectively as we would like either.

Consumers should understand that there are simply no cellulite treatments that will permanently reduce or eliminate this problem overnight or even within days. In order for this condition to become less noticeable or be eliminated altogether certain things must happen within your body. First, the fatty cells in the first layer must decrease in size. Second, these same cells must then detach from the collagen fibers so that drainage can again begin. This will help reduce the swelling and bumpy appearance. The third thing that must happen is that the collagen fibers must return to their natural shape, this, too, will result in better looking skin. Lastly, some people will have an issue with their hormones, and this needs to be resolved as well if hormone levels are a factor.

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Any of these treatments that you are considering should address as many of these issues as possible. It should be noted that many cellulite treatments may use a multi-task system in which different issues are treated in different ways.

For example, some types of reduction methods or options will incorporate the use of body wraps with certain creams.

body_care (461K)Some body wraps may provide good results which can decrease excessive fluids and toxins that may be in or near the fat cells, but the wrap may not achieve the additional goal of stretching the connective tissue so that it detaches from the fat cells. In order to achieve that result, you may need to use other treatments.

While it may be true that diet cannot decrease the symptoms of this condition alone, eating natural foods and certain healthful herbs may be useful. The same is true with exercise. Exercise alone will not reduce the appearance of these bumps on the skin, but it will be an effective way to lower the fat content below this level of skin and should, therefore, be included in your overall cellulite treatments.

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